The PA represents the interests of :

  • The large privatised plantation companies that manage approximately 396 tea and rubber estates in the country

  • Smaller proprietary plantations

  • private owners of factories that process plantation crops

  • Proprietary planters

  • Agricultural produce brokers

  • Plantation engineering firms

  • Agricultural advisers on plantation crops

The total membership of the PA is 190, comprising

  • Owner members 114 (includes RPCs)

  • Management service members 14

  • Private members 62
The PA membership together accounts for the management of 406 factories comprising

  • 330 tea factories,
    • Owner - 322
    • Management - 08

  • 75 rubber factories,
    • Owner - 75

  • 01 coconut/other
    • Owner - 01
The total hectarage under the PA membership is 150,071.91 , comprising of

  • Tea - 79,681.24

  • Rubber - 41,634.52

  • Coconut/other - 28,756.15
RPC members of the PA

  1. Agalawatte Plantations

  2. Agrapatana Plantation

  3. Balangoda Plantations

  4. Bogawantalawa Tea Estates

  5. Chilaw Plantations (Government managed)

  6. Elkaduwa Plantations (Government managed)

  7. Elpitiya Plantations

  8. Hapugastenne Plantations

  9. Hatton Plantations

  10. Horana Plantations

  11. Kahawatte Plantations

  12. Kegalle Plantations

  13. Kelani Valley Plantations

  14. Kotagala Plantations

  15. Kurunegala Plantations (Government managed)

  16. Madulsima Plantations

  17. Malwatte Valley Plantations

  18. Maskeliya Plantations

  19. Maturata Plantations

  20. Namunukula Plantations

  21. Pussellwa Plantations

  22. Talawakelle Tea Estates

  23. Udapussellawa Plantations

  24. Watawala Plantations


Owner Members

A person eligible to be an Owner Member shall be the owner of an estate of not less than 10 hectares in extent or a factory manufacturing plantation products.

Management Services Members
A person eligible to be a Management Service Member shall be a person who is the recognised trustee, agent, attorney, secretary or other representative in Sri Lanka of an owner.

Private Members
A person eligible to be a Private Member shall be any person who is not eligible to be an Owner Member or Management Services Member but who shall be a technical or agricultural adviser or visiting agent or agricultural produce broker or any person who is or was actively engaged in Sri Lanka in the profession of planting as a Superintendent or Manager or Assistant Superintendent or Assistant Manager.