The Sri Lanka Planters’ Benevolent Fund (SLPBF)
The Inaugural Meeting of the Sri Lanka Planters’ Benevolent Fund (SLPBF) was held on 13 August 1984 with Mr R F Poulier, Deputy Chairman of the Planters’ Association of Ceylon. presiding as Mr Chandra Wijenaike Chairman of the Planters’ Association of Ceylon was out of the Island.

Mr Poulier in his address stated -

“It gives me great pleasure to be present at the inauguration of the Sri Lanka Planters’ Benevolent Fund which I am confident, will indeed be a great boon to the planting community. I recall that when Sepala Ilangakoon, Secretary General of the Planters’ Association, first suggested such a fund as far back as February 1982, his proposal was well received and it was readily and unanimously agreed to use the residual funds of the defunct Ceylon Nursing Association, for a very worthy cause such as a benevolent fund to benefit planters and their dependants.

We therefore gave him the green light to go ahead with his proposal and to draft the necessary rules. He promptly set about his task which he considered a “Labour of Love”, when he heard that the Ceylon Planters’ Society (CPS) had similar intentions. Mr Malcolm Peiris was the intermediary who got the two institutions to work together, on their common objectives, with the concurrence of their respective committees. Consequently, we now have a well drafted, succinct set of Rules.
The concept of a Benevolent Fund, in contrast to a provident fund, is worthy of acclamation and merit. Although the fund will be managed on strict business lines, it is not a business proposition as such, but rather, a charity. I would stress that members must bear this well in mind at all times, and not expect to get out of the Fund, what they have put into it.

In addition to the nucleus capital of seven hundred and fifty thousand rupees provided by the PA, there is a further sum of two hundred and fifty thousand rupees, generously donated by his Excellency, the President, through the Ceylon Planters’ Society, making a total of one million rupees”.

The objects of the Fund have been given a pragmatic interpretation in the form of various Grants embodied in the Rules. The operation of the fund will most certainly be an exercise in practical humanism, and give a new dimension to the activities of the plantation fraternity.

Membership of the Fund is open to nationals of Sri Lanka who are members of the PA or of the CPS, employed Superintendents and Assistant Superintendents and those who are or have been actively involved in planting in the capacity of Superintendents and Assistant Superintendents.

The trusteeship of the Fund has been vested in the Planters’ Association of Ceylon from inception.